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NIK. KIOLEIDES S.A. a company of over 35 years, dedicated in providing to its customers quality products in the field of Trailer, Truck Bodies and Railway Freight and Passenger Wagons. All wagons conform to UIC and International Standards.

Lgs, Lgss, Rgss, Kgss, Rmss, Eaoss Freight Wagons
NIK. KIOLEIDES S.A. is providing full refurbishment, repair and new products construction in its modern facilities in Volos Hellas, equipped with the latest CNC machinery, metal blasting and paint shop.

Passenger wagon Mineral-Oil-product Liquid trasporter
Wagon for passenger transportation Wagon for mineral-oil-product transportation Wagon for liquid trasportation
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Grain transporter LPG transporter Cargo transporter
Wagon for grain transportation Wagon for LPG transportation Wagon for standard open goods cargo trasportation
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Kipper transporter Pneumatic discharge Liquefied gas transporter
Self discharging wagon for kipper transportation Wagon with pneumatic discharge Insulated/freezable wagon for liquefied gas transportation
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Container transporter Tank transporter
Wagon for container transportation Flat wagon for tank transportation
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